Wedding in Haarlem during the Corona pandemic

A small wedding in Haarlem during the Corona pandemic. A short, but very powerful celebration of love that knows now boundaries.

Wedding in Haarlem during the Corona pandemic

Wedding in Haarlem during the Corona pandemic

Shanice and Thomas had pictured their wedding on 19-06-2019 quite differently when I spoke to them during our first meeting. It would have been a big wedding with a lot of peoples and a great party. And then... Corona pandemic hit us and everything became uncertain. The situation was getting worse and with the way the crisis unfolded in other countries, there was also a great reason for concern in the Netherlands. This also applied to all the other wedding couples who have planned their wedding in 2020, which meant that many weddings had to be moved to 2021 or even later. However, for Shanice and Thomas it was a clear story, nothing stood in the way of their wedding day and although some rules might make it more difficult, it was certainly not impossible to get married on June 19, 2020. After much consultation with the municipality, with me and of course everyone else involved in the wedding they decided to split their wedding day in two. June 19, 2020, was the day they got married, that was certain. And they were determined to let it happen no matter what. Unfortunately, the party was impossible, so it was eventually moved to 2021. Despite the downside of having to cut their wedding in half, there is one unique aspect. Because you rarely get the chance to celebrate the same wedding on two completely different dates.

The day started at Shanice's house where she was picked up by Thomas for the traditional first look, a wonderful moment when the newlyweds see each other for the first time. After a short drink at home, it was time to leave to city for the wedding ceremony. On arrival, many friends were already waiting to welcome the wedding couple and after a few short greetings (with 1.5 m distance) it was time for the ceremony.|

The 'Gravenzaal' of the city hall of Haarlem is a beautiful hall to get married in. It's huge, which makes the room ideal for a ceremony during this Corona pandemic. It soon became clear to me, during Shanice and Thomas' vows, how much they care about each other and what a unique relationship they have. I will not go into too much detail for private reasons, but Shanice's vow is one of the most original and beautiful vows I have ever experienced. There was a lot of laughter and crying, and after the redeeming yes-word was finally allowed to be kissed! When they opened the doors to the outside there was a nice surprise waiting for them and after only 3 hours of photography, this wedding was over.

In Holland we would call this type of wedding 'Kort maar krachtig', which means short, but powerful. And powerful it was! I am very grateful that despite the Corona pandemic I was still able to capture the love of these two beautiful people. Shanice and Thomas, thank you and see you next year!

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