Charlotte & Jordi


Born in July 1991, raised in Mijdrecht.
Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: Sushi
Ambition: A LOT of holiday's



Born and raised in Amsterdam since Aug. 1987.
Favorite colour: orange
Favorite food: hot wings from the KFC
Ambition: Travel to New York 20 more times


Our story

In 2012 we saw each other for the first time while we were both working at Schiphol. After chatting on a quiet working day, we haven't seen or spoken to each other for a long time.
It wasn't until the beginning of 2016 that we bumped into each other again in the arrivals hall of Schiphol. Charlotte was at work and Jordi had just returned from a flight he had also worked on. After exchanging our phone numbers and a few dates, we fell in love.
We have been 'officially' together since July 2016! We soon moved in together in Zaandam, and bought a house in Assendelft in 2019. Once we settled there, we got engaged on June 4, 2021 and our sweet beautiful daughter Lea was born on July 19, 2021.
Since then we are a happy family of 3 (+ 1 hairball).

Wedding website example

Wedding day program


Location: Stadhuis Haarlem, Netherlands

We start our wedding with dinner!
Only the day guests are present here.

Arrival day guests:
Start dinner:

Grote Markt 2
2011 RD Haarlem


Locatie: Sit Bavo Kerk, Haarlem

After dinner it is time for the ceremony.
Everyone can be present at our ceremony, fun!

Arrival evening guests: 19:00
Start ceremony: 19:30

Grote Markt 22
2011 RD Haarlem

Drinks and party!

Locatie: Grote Markt, Haarlem, Netherlands

After the ceremony it's time to celebrate love and toast to our wedding!
Let's get the party started

Drinks and party time: from end of ceremony - 00:00

Grote Markt
2011 RD Haarlem

Wedding Charlotte & Jordi

Family and friends


Brother of the wedding couple
Master of ceremonies


The cat of the house
Our red hairball

The masters of ceremonies

We are Katie and Niels, sister-in-law and brother/brother-in-law of the wedding couple. Charlotte and Jordi asked us if we would like to be their masters of ceremonies for this special day. Of course we consider it a great honor to manage this day for them and we are already busy with the preparations!

We will of course make it a smashing party, if you have any fun ideas, want to arrange a surprise, have questions or have other matters about the preparation or the day itself, you can send an email to the email address below. We can also be reached by telephone in case of an emergency. We are looking forward to a wonderful and unforgettable day!


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Practical information


Parking is possible at the location. There is enough parking space in front of the door. It would of course be nice if everyone could ride together as much as possible, so that we don't have too many people who have to drive.

Are the children welcome?

Of course, your children are welcome. We would like to hear this in advance, so that we can take it into account.
Please note; our own daughter Lea will only be there during the dinner and the ceremony, but will be picked up during the drinks so that we can enjoy the party to the fullest. We think it's nice to keep the party for adults as much as possible, but this is your own choice.

Social Media and photos

There will be a fantastic photographer and videographer at the wedding all day long. We therefore ask you not to take any photos or videos of us or our wedding.
We also think it is very important that no photos or information are shared on the socials. At least not before we did it ourselves.

How can I view the photos that have been taken?

They will all be on this website after the wedding! You will also find the video here if you like to watch it. This will take some time, as both the photos and the video have to be sorted out and edited first.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Festive and neat
For men: neat clothes or suit.
For women: festive clothes or dress

Will you be there?