Engagement shoot

Celebrate your engagement with a photo shoot!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the preparations for you wedding can begin.
But wait, don't forget to celebrate your engagement!
How? Consider booking an engagement shoot!

Engagement shoot

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Celebrate your engagement with a photo shoot!

You are engaged, awesome! The planning your wedding can begin and of course busy times are coming. Choices will have to be made for a beautiful wedding location, the wedding photographer, the ceremony speaker, the wedding dress and many other important things that will make your wedding unique and one of a kind.

But do you ever contemplate on the fact that you are engaged? After all, this is also a huge step! Many wedding couples sometimes forget to celebrate their engagement and immediately dive into planning of the wedding. But an ideal way to also celebrate this milestone is to book an engagement shoot. A relaxed photo shoot where the focus is only on the two of you and where we take our time to create an amazing series of photos that show the unique connection between each other.

engagement shoot in the center of haarlem

What is an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is a short photo shoot where we focus only on the two of you. We take a walk together at a beautiful location and capture a series of amazing photos. I'm all about a relaxed atmosphere, I want you to be yourself and enjoy your time together. By working this way, the photos will turn out naturally and in combination with my creativity will become tiny pieces of art.

I love movement in my shot! Act crazy, enjoy, and as far as I am concerned, do a little dance or take a short sprint together. We are going to have a lot of fun which will be reflected in the engagement photos which I will finally deliver in an online galery.
Oh and included for free in this engagement shoot, is a beautiful album! (Worth €150,-!)

The gallery - my portfolio

As you can read above, I deliver all the photos in an online gallery. To give you an idea of ​​what the gallery looks like, I have created an example with my portfolio photos. Have a look and click on the button below to see the gallery and immediately get a good impression of my photographic style.

engagement portrait on the grote markt in haarlem

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Trouwfotograaf Bart Rondeel

This is me

In short, I am a creative person who loves life, my family / friends and my cat, Snow. I love sports and can regularly be found on the mat for some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or in the dunes and even the Alps to race off the most beautiful trails with my mountain bike. I travel a lot and also like to photograph in my spare time. Also, I spend a lot of time with my wife Roxy and I am a bit of a geek, who, in addition to playing video games and reading books, also loves the technical side of photography.
I have always had a creative side and that was expressed during my teens by playing the drums. It was the love of drums and music in general that made me decide to study sound engineering when I finished high school. During this study, I met my wife Roxy. She was the one who started her fashion blog after a few years of dating and stuffed a camera in my hands to take pictures for her. A photographer was born.

Engagement shoot

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An explanation of an engagement shoot

Most people are not experienced with the how engagement shoots work, so here I will explain it in short. You both are not professional photography models, but fortunately as a wedding photographer I know how to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere so you guys will be at ease and look great in every photo!
‍We will pay close attention to 3 poot:
- The location
- The light and weather
- The most important: You guys!

Read more below about why these points are important for the engagement shoot


A beautiful location is very important, but even better if the location has some personal meaning to you both. Maybe your home city will be suitable, or the café where you first met, or maybe a big national big with lots of nature is something that means a lot to you?

The Corona crisis sucks, but gives a small benefit; and that's that big cities that are normally very busy are now the perfect place for a photo shoot. So if you prefer places like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Delft, Haarlem or Leiden, then this is your chance!

Light and weather

Daarnaast speelt het licht en de weersomstandigheden natuurlijk ook een rol. Hoewel we redelijk creatief kunnen zijn met een goede plensbui, is het misschien beter om extreem slecht weer in eerst instantie te mijden.
Light and weather conditions also play a role. While we can be quite creative with a proper shower and hurricane winds, it might be better to avoid extremely bad weather.
It is also good to take into account the natural light. Do you want that famous golden hour look? Then we will really have to plan the shoot towards the end of the day.

The most important: You guys!

Of course in the end it's all about the two of you! I will make sure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that we will capture al your engagement photos in a natural way. I also like movement in my shots, so feel free to jump, dance, run around and have fun!
Together we will capture spontaneous and non-posed photos. Think of it as a short walk in the park where you can enjoy each others company without a care in the world.

engagement shoot near a café in leiden

What does an engagement shoot cost?

€250,- discount!

If you also book me as the photographer for your wedding, you will receive a €250,- discount on the engagement shoot!

Have a look at whats included:

  • 1.5 hour photography
  • Location in NL
  • 50 photos
  • Online gallery
  • Album (worth €150,-)

Normal price:

If you also book me for the wedding:

Contact me!

couple in love in haarlem
wedding couple on the beach of bloemendaal aan zeewedding portrait in amsterdam near amstel hotelgreek destination wedding portraitwedding portrait during beach wedding at zandvoort beach


Experiences of other wedding couples

wedding couple walking fotoshoot
Kim & Jurgen

"We would like to recommend Bart as their wedding photographer to everyone! Bart was like a fly on the wall and it felt like he was one of the guests during the weddeing, so we did not even realize that pictures were taken! We had an unforgettable wedding and thanks to Bart we can relive it every day"

close up wedding couple portrait
Jimmy & Imara

"After seeing his photos and our first meeting, we knew it straight away, Bart was gonna photograph our wedding! He has captured the wedding for us exactly as how we experienced the day. Bart is very clear in his communication and has made sure he took care of all our needs and wishes."

rhederoord wedding couple portrait
Claudia & Jan

"The search for a photographer that suits us has brought us to Bart. He has an amazing style of photography, the journalistic way he captures moments is what we wanted for our wedding day. Bart is calm, almost invisible during the wedding and very flexible to make sure we have the best day ever!"

wedding couple arriving at wedding ceremony
Nadine & Bart

"Bart was our wedding photographer and we think he did an amazing job! The pictures he delivered are incredibly beautiful and creative and far exceeded our expectations."

first dance of wedding couple at wedding party
Linda & William

"Great photographer to work with, a true artist with an eye for detail! Very happy that we ended up with Bart. If we would do it again, we would definitely choose him again!"

wedding couple on the countryside photoshoot
Laura & Martijn

"Bart took fantastic photos of our wedding. He was present all day, but always discreet and in the background and never invasive, which allowed him to capture many beautiful moments."

Engagement shoot

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engagement shoot in the dunes near haarlem
This is me
Husband, Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, drummer, mountain biker, family man, snowboarder, music lover, go-getter, gamer, geek, swimmer, traveller, creative, bon vivant, food lover, animal lover, an inhabitant of Haarlem, but above all a passionate photographer.
Wedding photographer Bart Rondeel self portrait
Photo: Roxy Sun

I've been Born in Huizen, raised in Almere and I always had a strong urge to express my creativity during my childhood and teenage years. As a toddler in the 'building corner', as a child at the yearly talent show at school and in my teenage years as a drummer.

It is the drummer in me that ultimately made me start a sound engineering education at SAE Amsterdam when I was 19 years old. It later became clear how important this choice has been in my life.

Because It was at this school that I met my wife Roxy. Back then, still young and immature, we were 'recording buddies' and helped each other during the many sound recordings for our school projects. After some drum lessons and dates, we fell in love and finally moved in together in Hilversum.

A few years later in 2012, Roxy decided to start with an online fashion blog. She needed photos for this and of course, I was the one there to serve as her photographer.

Although the first few sessions were very difficult and the auto mode on camera was my friend, I really started to enjoy it after some quick photography courses. Until then, I was mostly expressing myself creatively with music, so when I noticed that I also had an eye for images, a whole new world opened up to me.
The image below was a turning point. Although not perfect (does perfection really exist?), I managed to capture a feeling here and this photo made me realize that this was the path I wanted to follow. From this moment on I have made an active effort to make photography my profession.

Roxy Sun fashion blog

After a huge step and the decision to buy a house together in Haarlem at the end of 2013, we immediately expanded our family with a small hairy, but especially noisy and rowdy meow machine called Snow (As the picture above shows, Snow does not like posing for the camera).
In 2014 it was time for another big change. In Paris I asked Roxy to marry me (The city where we celebrated our first vacation). And like so many enthusiastic couples who just got engaged, we too immediately started preparing for the wedding.

Wedding couple Orangerie Elswout
Photo: Giacomo Vesprini
Krup Studio

Our priorities were clear fairly quickly too. So we immediately went looking for the wedding location and made our decision immediately on our first visit. We are no doubters, if it feels good right away, why not?
Immediately afterwards, the photographer and videographer were also an easy choice for us and there was no doubt that they too were going to yrll out story in a fantastic and beautiful way.
With the most important things out of the way, it was now mostly details to take care of. That sounds like a simple job, but there is still a lot to do; flowers, the suit, the wedding dress, the cake, day planning, witnesses, invitations and so on.
A lot to be arranged within a year, but the busiest period were the last 3 months before the wedding. I had planned to provide the entertainment at my wedding and I asked my 3 best friends and band members to perform with me on that special day. The result was 3 months of band practise in the rehearsal room to prepare for our first-ever performance at my wedding.

Wedding couple Orangerie Elswout
Photo: Giacomo Vesprini
Krup Studio

The evening before the wedding we've planned time to do a shoot with just the two of us. The reason for this was that we did not have to spend a very long time on the wedding day itself for the photos. Of course, I was only allowed to see the dress the next day, so Roxy had decided to put on her party dress for the pre-wedding shoot.
Like almost every groom, I did not like to pose, but this turned out to be unnecessary. It was more like a walk in the park around our wedding location and I honestly enjoyed it very much.

And then it was finally time; 17/06/2015, our wedding day. Thanks to the great preparation, everything went smoothly and the photoshoot during the day was still fun to do. Now it also turned out that Roxy had been busy the months before our wedding because she had spend a lot of time with a group of friends to rehearse a dance. At the wedding party it was a complete suprise when she all of a sudden started a choreographed dance for me with this great group of people. It also turned out that rehersal with the band was time well spent. Never before had the owners of the wedding venue seen a band that had the groom as their drummer. Our first performance together was a great success.
And that is exactly what we wanted, a wedding that showed our personality, made our own with personal things and creativity. It was really the most beautiful day of our lives and thanks to the photos we will never forget about this extremely special day.

Band during wedding at Orangerie Elswout
Photo: Giacomo Vesprini
Krup Studio
Trouwfotograaf Bart Rondeel

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