Wedding albums and prints

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Print your wedding photos so they can be seen!

Your wedding day is over, the honeymoon was fantastic and the memories are beautiful. But how do you make sure that your wedding day doesn't just become a vague memory? This is why you choose me as your wedding photographer. So that years later, thanks to the photos, you can relive your wedding to the fullest.

It's such a waste to have the digital files stored somewhere on a hard drive and they're only occasionally viewed on a laptop or phone. Isn't there a better way to enjoy your wedding photos?

That's exactly why printing your wedding photos is so valuable. It ensures that you will look at the photos more often and adds a whole new dimension to the viewing experience. Viewing your photos in a large album brings you all the feelings you were experiencing on the day of your wedding. You can also use your wedding photos as unique works of art. Artwork that not only reminds you of your wedding every single day, but artwork that you are a part of!

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The story of your wedding in a wedding album

Nothing tells the story of your wedding day in a better way than a professional wedding album that is completely personalized to your wishes. Each page tells its own story and adds to the whole so that you get the experience of reliving the wedding day all over again.
There are many options to personalize your wedding album and you can review and approve the design online. Additional options, like a wedding album storage box or smaller albums which you can use to gift to family and friends, are a great way to add to the experience.
If you choose me as your wedding photographer, a wedding album is always included!

Wedding photos as print on the wall

Your wedding photos should be seen!
They help you to relive that beautiful wedding day over and over again. But because you don't have the time to go through your entire wedding album regularly, prints offer you the ideal way to be reminded of your wedding every single day.
Artistic and creative photos are best suitable as a print on the wall. While journalistic storytelling photos are great for your wedding album, they won't always be best suitable as a photo print.
And that's exactly why I also like to create some creative wedding photos that you can use to frame and hang on the wall. This way you don't only have the story of your wedding in a luxurious wedding album, but also as beautiful art on the wall.
To show you the importance of amazing wall art, an A3 size photo print is always included if you choose me as your wedding photographer!

Wedding albums and prints

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From digital file to photo print

After the wedding, we start the process of making your albums and prints just the way you want them. I only supply top quality products; handmade wedding albums and a layout designed by me that you can view and approve online via the portal. I also produce the prints myself with my Canon Pro-1000 photo printer; a professional printer that allows me to print up to A2 size (59.4 x 42 cm) on Canon Pro-Luster photo paper.

Click on the steps below to read about the details of this process

Choosing your album

A few weeks after the wedding you are welcome back at my house to discuss your album options. It is often already clear how large the album will be (35x35 cm is the most chosen size), so this meeting is especially important to review the countless options for wedding album types, cover materials and photo paper.
The albums are fully customizable; from the cover material, which for example could have the same colour as the groom's wedding suit, the choice of colour for the flyleaf, to the printing of your names and date on the front of the album. The possibilities are limitless.

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The design process

After you have selected your favourite photos in the online gallery, I get started on the design for the wedding album. I will make sure every spread (a spread is 2 pages) will show a small part of your wedding, with the full album finally telling the complete story of your wedding day.
I upload the design to the design proofing section in the online portal. Here you can browse through your album online and add comments. I will adjust the design based on the comments and after a few rounds of reviews, a fully personalized design will be the result of this process.

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Ordering, prints and delivery

After you approve the design online I will order the album. Gift albums and the storage box will also be ordered straight away so that everything will be delivered at the same time.
This is also the moment to order your prints with me. Prints are produced by myself and I can print up to a size of A2 (59.4 x 42 cm) with the possibility to cut to the desired size.

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Wedding albums and prints

What did other wedding couples choose?

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Dominika & Jeroen

Dominika and Jeroen went all the way for their wedding album. They have chosen the biggest wedding album with a beautiful leather dark green cover. In order to properly store the album, they opted for the deluxe storage box in dark brown mahogany wood. I liked this combination so much that I also used it for my 2021 demo album. Thanks for the inspiration Dominika & Jeroen!

  • A2 print
  • 35x35 cm album dark green leather
  • 70 album pages
  • Deluxe storage box mahogany wood
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close up van bruidspaar
inge & douwe

Inge and Douwe have decided to match their photo products with Douwe's wedding suit. The green linen material available for this wedding album, the storage box and the gift albums matched the colour of his wedding suit perfectly. And with the large size of 35x35 cm and a large number of pages, they now have a beautiful wedding album with a very large amount of photos.

  • A2 print
  • 35x35 cm album green linen
  • 62 album pages
  • Green linen storage box
  • 2x gift-album
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bruidspaar trouwfoto bij rhederoord
Manouk & Hugo

I don't think it was a coincidence that Manouk and Hugo were both wearing blue sweaters when I brought the album to them. Hugo's wedding suit was also blue and of course, the dark blue leather cover of the album could also be combined very well with the Mahoney dark brown storage box. Their collection was complete with the gift albums in dark blue linen.

  • A2 print
  • 35x35 cm album dark blue leather
  • 60 album pages
  • Storage box mahogany wood
  • 2x gift-album
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