Getting married in Slot Zuylen near Utrecht

Close to Utrecht is the beautiful Slot Zuylen. A unique location to get married for any wedding couple, so also for Bart and Babette.

Getting married in Slot Zuylen near Utrecht


First, a disclaimer because we are dealing with an exceptional situation in exceptional times. There are some pictures in this blog post where it seems like people don't adhere to the 1.5 rule. In some cases, this is an optical illusion thanks to the composition in the photo. There have been no violations of the rules and people you do see close together are in all cases part of the same household.

A photoshoot to start the wedding day

Bart and Babette have had to adjust the planning of their wedding considerably due to the corona pandemic. Although unusual, they have chosen to first capture the wedding portraits immediately upon arrival at Slot Zuylen. In the end, this turned out to be a very good way to get in the wedding mood. The three of us went to different locations in the area to capture casual and creative portraits. I felt the love between Bart and Babette and that is clearly reflected in the photos!

Wedding ceremony at Slot Zuylen

Slot Zuylen is a true museum. You can taste the antiquity everywhere and it feels like stepping back in time as soon as you enter this beautiful castle. Getting married in this old castle is a unique experience. With large imposing doors, huge mirrors and carpet on the wall, the ceremony room is a true spectacle and you will not regret if you read your vows to each other at this amazing location.

Surprise in Utrecht

After the ceremony, there was a small-scale reception with the guests of the ceremony. To the regret of Bart and Babette, they had to reduce the number of guests enormously due to the corona pandemic and were unable to host a big wedding party. Still, their friends and family thought that Bart and Babette deserved something special;
After the reception, we drove to Utrecht for a simple dinner, or so the wedding couple thought. To their delight, it turned out that all the people who were actually invited to the party were waiting for them outside to still be able to celebrate the wedding. Of course a bit smaller, but still a very nice surprise for the wedding couple, who absolutely did not see this coming.

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