Wedding at Paviljoen Puur in Diemen

Getting married during the Corona pandemic is a challenge for everyone. But it was no reason for this wedding couple to cancel the plans for their big day. Read the story of their wedding at Paviljoen Puur in Diemen in this blogpost.

Wedding at Paviljoen Puur in Diemen


First, a disclaimer because we are dealing with an exceptional situation in exceptional times. There are some pictures in this blogpost where it seems like people don't adhere to the 1.5 rule. In some cases, this is an optical illusion thanks to the composition in the photo. There have been no violations of the rules and people you do see close together are in all cases part of the same household.

Preparations with iron and straightener

Nothing was too crazy for this groom, Leo. While ironing a shirt is fairly common to get ready for the big day, the groom's use of a flat iron is not. Still, that weird out of bed curl in his hair had to to be straightened, all with the purpose to leave a good impression with his bride to be!

Iris was already busy with the preparations when I arrived at the location where she was getting ready for the big day. Surrounded by many friends and family, her make-up was put on with perfection. All with the purpose to amaze Leo the moment they first saw each other. And surprised he was during the first look moment. Leo had never seen such a beautiful lady in his life and the moment this wedding couple first saw each other, you could feel the love in the air.

Wedding portraits at Paviljoen Puur

Paviljoen Puur is a fantastic wedding location with plenty of options to capture beautiful wedding portraits. Although we took a short walk at a lake to take a few photos on this nice platform in the water, surrounded by trees,we still took most of the wedding photos at this great wedding location. The mix of old bunkers, the Pavilion itself and the grass hills ensured that the location is also very suitable for capturing super cool portraits of the wedding couple.

Ceremony and cake at Paviljoen Puur

While we are busy capturing the wedding portraits, the finishing touches are put in place for the ceremony. Once all guests have arrived, the ceremony can begin. The fantastic Charlotte de Moel is the wedding official and ceremony speaker on this beautiful day. After handing out 2 Corona beers to the wedding couple, the ceremony can beginand great stories are told about the Leo and Iris. The ceremony ends with a lovely kiss, the exchange of the rings and a standing ovation as the wedding couple makes their way to the other side of the Pavilion to cut the cake and toast to the successful wedding of Leo and Iris!

To ensure that everyone has a good time, even with the social distancing measures, games have been organized that can be played keeping 1.5 meters distance. After several hours of playing and drinking, it is time for a lovely dinner at Paviljoen Puur. At the end of the evening, some beautiful words are shared by family and friends.

A wonderful end to an amazing day, thank you for having me Leo and Iris!

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