Wedding dress drama on rainy wedding

Every bride's nightmare, a muddy wedding dress. What can you do about it, but above all, how do you stay positive when you have a whole ahead of you? Read the story of Linda and William who faced a major challenge after shooting their wedding portraits.

Wedding dress drama on rainy wedding

Linda and William, a wet wedding

Friday, November 1, 2019, a day with a weather forecast that does not make every wedding couple happy. Generally a grey day with the occasional shower, but this left Linda and William (and their son Mats) untouched, despite our plan to shoot some wedding portraits in an outdoor location.

Wedding preparations

The day started quietly, William and Mats were already long awake when I arrived to capture the first preparations. As with almost every wedding, the excitement was in the air, but nevertheless, everyone was very relaxed and getting dressed went very smoothly. Changing a poopy diaper accompanied with Mat's tears are part of being a father I guess.

The next location, the house where Linda was preparing. When I arrived, Linda was already finishing up the final touches of her hair and make-up. A lot of friends and family were there to help Linda put on the dress and despite the chaos and excitement, everyone was very happy and on point to get Linda ready for the first look.

First look and wedding portraits

Around 11:00 the time has come, William and Mats arrived to pick up Linda. I personally think this is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. The 'first look', not only the moment that William and Linda see each other for the first time ion their wedding outfits, but also the moment when they look each other in the eye for the first time and realize that this getting married thing is really going to happen now. A moment that has been looked forward to for months (sometimes even years) has finally arrived. And you can feel that in every glimpse, kiss and hug.

When it was time to leave for the portrait shoot, the weather was fine and it was dry. So we decided to go to the planned location to take some wedding portraits. In November, autumn is in full swing, which was also evident when we arrived at the first location. The ground covered in leaves really helped set the mood of this fall wedding portraits.
Location two was also dry, but it turned out that the wet ground had caused some damage to Linda's wedding dress. Even after a short walk, the dress was already covered with mud, so Linda had doubts about our decision to go to the park for the wedding portraits. At that time, however, there was not much there could be done about it, so we decided to make the best of it and to create the best possible series of photos.
And this is where the character of these newlyweds really showed. I have never really captured a wedding couple who, despite such a muddy dress, remained so positive and happy. It didn't matter anymore and what really mattered was that this was the day of their lives and a little mud wouldn't change that. Their happiness is very well reflected in the photos. In one of the last portraits I shot, William brings Linda back to the car with an extremely dirty dress. This is for me the most telling photo of that day that shows their character in one image.

The wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place in the church of Bleiswijk and fortunately a team of friends was ready on arrival to clean Linda's dress immediately. It is still a wonder to me that they managed to get the dress so white again with some water and soap, but it worked!

The ceremony was fantastic. Many beautiful words from friends and family, ring bearer Mats, naughty children and ultimately without stuttering and full of conviction two beautiful vows and 'yes-I-do's'.

Reception, dinner and party!

With all the official parts done, it was time to get through the rest of the day without stress. A relaxed reception and a delicious dinner would soon follow. Again beautiful words are shared, old memories are relived and new memories are made.

The party was a special one because I had never seen an opening dance prepared in this way. It was a short theatrical play with a rehearsed dance behind a white sheet lit with a very bright lamp so that only the shadows were visible. Then a jump through that same sheet made an even bigger impression and the DJ, Rick from  De Bruiloft Disco Show, started the party. What followed was a fantastic wedding party, with the necessary drinks, fun and dance moves to celebrate Linda and William's love that day.

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