Getting married at the Hortus Orangery and Koetshuis De Burcht in Leiden

Kristina and Jeroen are getting married at the Oranjerie of Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. It is a short day, with a wedding dinner at Koetshuis de Burcht. Read in this blog post how a short wedding day can still be very beautiful!

Getting married at the Hortus Orangery and Koetshuis De Burcht in Leiden

Wedding portraits at the Hortus Oranjerie in Leiden

Hortus Botanicus in Leiden is a wonderful place to get married, Kristina and Jeroen thought so too. The Oranjerie, where the ceremony often takes place, dates from the 18th century and has a beautiful vibe. With high ceilings, large windows and a lot of light, the Oranjerie is a large open space that can accommodate many guests for the wedding.

I start this day a bit unusual because Kristina and Jeroen decided to take some beautiful wedding photos in the Hortus van Leiden immediately upon arrival. There are several places where you can quickly take very nice pictures with lots of greenery. Also, the observatory is an eye-catcher that is certainly worth a visit.

After a short walk we return to the Oranjerie and the first guests arrive for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony and reception in the Oranjerie of Hortus

The ceremony takes place in the Oranjerie of Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. All guests for the wedding are receiving a drink upon arrival and after some checking of the seats, everyone is led to the Oranjerie where the ceremony will take place.

The ceremony is led by a good friend of Kristina's who has prepared herself very well and shares some nice words that describe how Kristina and Jeroen found each other. After the vows and a passionate kiss they are married!!!

All guests celebrate with bubbles when the happy wedding couple arrives at the front of the Oranjerie. A wedding reception follows in which the wedding guests have enough time to congratulate the newlyweds. A few nice words are shared by the family of the wedding couple and after a few hours of drinks, fun and cake, it is time to go to the Burcht of Leiden to end the day with a wedding dinner.

A wedding dinner at Koetshuis de Burcht

A short walk through Leiden leads us to Koetshuis de Burcht, where we continue to party peacefully and end the day with a delicious dinner. Koetshuis de Burcht is situated in a beautiful location at the foot of the old Burcht of Leiden. It can be difficult to get there by car, but that is precisely why it is a quiet place, ideal for organizing a wedding.
Due to the corona measures, we will not party hard this evening, but it will remain a modest dinner. However, there are still some beautiful and especially laughable anecdotes shared by friends and family.

All in all a short, but no less loving day. Kristina and Jeroen, congratulations!!

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