Amsterdam wedding at the A'DAM Tower

With a beautiful view of Amsterdam, the A'DAM Tower is a unique wedding location. Read here about the day of Dominika and Jeroen and how we made wedding portraits at the NDSM wharf and the Amsterdam Central Station.

Amsterdam wedding at the A'DAM Tower

Getting ready and the first look on top of the A'DAM Tower

My day starts in Amsterdam-North where Jeroen opens the door for me and tells me his parents can arrive any moment. I start photographing their friendly housemate (the cat) and as soon as Jeroen's parents arrive, his preparations can really start. However, there must be some vacuuming done first, because his father's jacket seems to be covered in fluff. After the necessary cleaning, his mother helps him change and as soon as Jeroen is completely ready for the big day, I continue my journey to the A'DAM Tower.

I knock on the door of Dominika's hotel room, who has been busy with hair and make-up for a while. I feel the tension in the hotel room and I am curious about the space where the wedding ceremony will eventually take place. After her preparations, we take a look at the ceremony location and Dominika shows me where they would like to do the first look; on the terrace of the tower with a beautiful view over Amsterdam.

A perfect location for the first look and Jeroen also realizes that when he arrives to enjoy the beautiful view, waiting for his bride to be. After a few minutes, the first look moment has finally arrived. Tears of happiness are pouring out and Jeroen can hardly believe what a beautiful woman he is about to marry.

Wedding photos at the NDSM Wharf

Dominika and Jeroen decided that they wanted to schedule two photo shoots, the first of which we will be doing at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North. I love the industrial vibe this area has to offer. Graffiti, old warehouses and cranes, a great setting to capture some unique wedding photos. Of course, the newlyweds attract a lot of attention and people are happy to see that it is possible to get married again.

Ceremony in the A'DAM Tower

If you're looking for a truly unique wedding venue in Amsterdam, you've come to the right place. With a beautiful view over the entire city, the ceremony space of the A'DAM Tower is ideal for reading your vows to each other and end with a kiss to seal the deal.

Wedding reception at great heights

After the ceremony, there is time to congratulate the newlyweds, some good food and the necessary traditions. The cake is cut, the wedding bouquet is thrown and, as is usual at every wedding, a lot of smiles and laughter are shared between the guests and the wedding couple.

Wedding photos around Amsterdam Central Station

After the reception, Dominika and Jeroen also wanted to do a photoshoot around Amsterdam Central Station. We crossed the river IJ with the pound and went for a walk around the area. With the mix of cool modern architecture, the old Amsterdam canal houses and the Amsterdam Central Station itself as a photo location, it was certain that we could capture very cool wedding photos here.

Dominika and Jeroen, I wish you all the happiness in the world!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the most beautiful day of your life!

Scroll down to see a small selection of the photos that I delivered for this wedding

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