Weddding in Haarlem and party in the dunes

Fortunately for this wedding in Haarlem, no problems due to a lockdown. A wedding day with a busy schedule; Preparing at various locations, wedding photos and ceremony in the centre of Haarlem, a short stop at Orangerie Elswout and a fantastic wedding at the Gestrand wedding location near Bloemendaal.

Weddding in Haarlem and party in the dunes

A busy wedding morning in Haarlem

There was a lot on the schedule for this wedding in Haarlem.
I started the day at Marlieke, who was surrounded by family and friends and had her make-up and hair taken care of at Knippen Dus. After photographing for half an hour I continue my way towards the centre of Haarlem. Wietse needed a good trim of his beard to look great at their wedding and decided to start the day in style with the men. To ease the tension a bit, the guys started at 10:00 with a quality whiskey and a sweet pastry. And after photographing here for half an hour, I was already on my way to Marlieke who was about to put on her wedding dress at her grandmother's house. After a short time with Marlieke, I got into the car to further photograph the preparation of Wietse in the centre of Haarlem. Wietse is a stylish groom, in his green wedding suit with beautiful details in the belt and his shoes. And to complete this stylish picture, they had rented a Ford Mustang as a wedding car for the wedding.

Marlieke was still with her grandmother, where the first look was planned to take place. And that's exactly where I'm waiting for Wietse who drives up with his Mustang to pick up his bride. A beautiful moment follows when these newlyweds see each other for the first time and after applause from the crowd we continue our way towards the centre of Haarlem to take wedding photos.

Wedding portraits and ceremony in the centre of Haarlem

I am going for a walk with Marlieke and Wietse in the centre of Haarlem to capture some beautiful wedding photos of the wedding couple. They love this beautiful old city so much that they wanted to see the essence of Haarlem captured in the wedding photos. Of course, the large St. Bavokerk on the Grote Markt, but also the narrow alleys, old streets and the Spaarne river should not be missed during this portrait shoot. After the wedding photos I leave the couple alone, go to the city hall of Haarlem and wait for them for the ceremony in the large Gravenzaal.

All guests are already waiting for the wedding couple on the Grote Markt in Haarlem. They arrive with their beautiful Mustang and everyone is eventually admitted to the mighty Gravenzaal of the city hall of Haarlem. This beautiful large room is ideal for a wedding if you have a large group of guests. Marlieke is given away by her father and after a beautiful ceremony it is finally official: Marlieke and Wietse are married!

Stop at Elswout and wedding party at wedding venue Gestrand

After the ceremony, all guests leave for the wedding location where the dinner and party will take place: Gestrand. Gestrand is a very nice restaurant in the middle of the dunes and ideal to celebrate an autumn or winter wedding. This wedding location is part of a campsite and therefore not available in the summer. But in the autumn and winter, it is a lot quieter and ideal to get married during this period. Before we go to the wedding location, however, I make a short stop with the wedding couple at Orangerie Elswout. Elswout's estate is ideal to briefly taking some beautiful wedding photos in a natural environment. After half an hour we are also done here and we leave for the dunes to celebrate the love of these newlyweds.

After the arrival at Gestrand, dinner follows where very nice words are shared in a number of speeches from family and friends. A tear of happiness is shed here and there and after dinner, everyone is completely ready to finally party hard again, because that has been a while ago for everyone because of Corona.

The party is opened with a fantastic first dance by Marlieke and Wietse. It shows that they have practised this first dance and the guests are also standing in a circle, watching in amazement to look at these newlyweds show everyone what a real first dance is. After the opening dance, the party gets going and because dancing has almost become a forgotten art form for many people since Corona, everyone goes completely nuts on the dancefloor.

Marlieke and Wietse, what a day!! You made this wedding your own and did everything exactly the way you pictured it. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this day for you!!

Scroll down to see a small selection of the photos that I delivered for this wedding

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