Wedding group portrait during the Corona pandemic

A wedding during the Corona pandemic is a challenge in itself, but the group portrait naturally poses even greater dilemmas due to social distancing regulations. Read here how this group photo was captured in times of Corona.

Wedding group portrait during the Corona pandemic


First, a disclaimer because we are dealing with an exceptional situation in exceptional times. There are some pictures here where it seems like people don't stick to the 1.5 rule here. In some cases, this is an optical illusion thanks to the composition in the photo. There have been no violations of the rules and people you do see close together are in all cases part of the same household.

The wedding preparations

Great excitement at the start of the day, I always enjoy this tension. Due to the Corona pandemic, the situation is now really a bit different and this has also influenced my way of photographing. I was no longer allowed to get as close as I normally would adhere to the 1.5-meter rule and that is why I took a lot of photos with a somewhat 'longer' lens.
The day started at the bride where the make-up artist (with mask) was busy making the bride as beautiful as possible for the big day. After being there for half an hour I took a short trip to see the groom who was getting ready a few blocks away. The dog had never seen him like this before and was amazed to watch the groom getting ready.
Soon after, I went back to the bride to capture the last part of her preparations. After putting on the dress it soon became apparent that she had lost a little more weight than she had expected, which apparently made the dress a little too big. No problem for mother and sister who quickly fixed the dress with needle and thread.

The wedding portraits

It was hot, very hot ... About 34 degrees Celcius if I can remember correctly. And the portraits were scheduled for midday when the sun was at its highest. A big challenge, because bright light and high temperatures create a lot of contrast and sweaty people. Fortunately, drinking plenty of water helps and we managed to use the clear blue sky to our advantage. I only had to spend a large part of the photoshoot on my belly in the grass to really show the completely blue sky as a clean background, luckily it all worked out fine and we really managed to capture some great portraits together!

The ceremony and cutting of the cake

The moment of truth arrived, time to start the ceremony. The wedding venue had done everything in its power to ensure that everyone could easily obey the social distancing rules. And although perhaps a bit strange due to all the regulations, the newlyweds told me all the rules didn't bother them a bit. They were completely unaffected by the Corona measures and had a wonderful day. And that is very clear in the photo story I was able to capture this day.

The goup portrait

Yet there was still a challenge that went quite differently compared to 'normal weddings'. For example, it is customary for a group photo to be taken and of course, the 1.5 meters are very difficult to maintain in a shot like this, especially when it concerns a very large group of people.
Fortunately, I saw the ideal solution in the garden of the wedding venue. Instead of letting everyone stand next to each other, I came up with the idea to give everybody an activity. The garden was filled with all kinds of playful equipment that could be used for the photo. From strolers, to swings and carts, there was something to do for everyone. I asked the wedding couple to jump around on the trampoline and this is the result here; A group photo at the time of the Corona pandemic with 1.5 meters distance.
It's never impossible!

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