A military honorary guard at this wedding at Rhederoord

A beautiful wedding couple who are getting married at the beautiful Rhederoord estate near Arnhem. A wedding with a military guard of honour, a unique wedding car, sabres, an airplane, wedding photos at the Posbank and a lot of lovely people who celebrate love together with these newlyweds.

A military honorary guard at this wedding at Rhederoord

A military wedding suit

Hugo and Manouk get married at the Rhederoord estate, a beautiful country house north of Arnhem and close to the beautiful Posbank nature reserve. Manouk immediately goes with her mother to the top floor to prepare for this wedding day.
Hugo has more work than the average groom because he has decided to get married in a military suit. Dressing turns out to be higher mathematics with the correct attachment of the ropes and the saber. Still, the result is impressive and it doesn't take long before Hugo is ready for the first look in Rhederoord's garden.

First look in the garden of Rhederoord

Manouk is made up and ready to put on her wedding dress. After an emotional moment with her mother, she too is ready to see her soon-to-be for the first time. She walks towards Hugo who has his back facing her. All friends and family present at this moment see Manouk round the corner while Hugo waits in suspense. Finally he turns around and he can't believe his eyes either. After the first look, we take a short time to take some wedding photos on the Rhederoord estate.

A wedding ceremony with a military edge

It's time to get married!!
Hugo grabs his old-timer army jeep and drives in front of the mansion towards the garden where the wedding ceremony will take place. Hugo is received by all the guests under loud applause and not long after, Manouk is given away by her father. A beautiful ceremony follows with funny anecdotes, beautiful vows and of course the traditional kiss and the rings.

Military honour guard

After this traditional ceremony, love can be celebrated. Hugo and Manouk are received with the admiration and loud clapping of their guests. A very special twist, because they are welcomed with a military guard of honour. Shortly after, it's time to toast; Hugo uses is Sabre to strike the top of the champagne bottle and sends the cork flying. Cutting the cake should of course not be missed and Hugo's saber also comes in handy on this occasion.

Wedding portraits at the Posbank and dinner

After the reception, I go out with Hugo and Manouk to take some cool wedding photos. We drive to the Posbank and take some beautiful wedding photos in this beautiful nature reserve. I couldn't resist jumping on the back of the old Jeep they use as wedding transport.
We close the day with a delicious dinner and some words from close friends and family. Beautiful things are shared, some tears are shed and the day is ended in an intimate and loving way.

Thank you for letting me be part of your amazing wedding Hugo and Manouk!

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