Wedding in Delft during Corona

A rainy day could not spoil the fun at this wedding in Delft. Even the Corona rules were no reason for Michael and Nicole not to get married.

Wedding in Delft during Corona

Getting ready in Den Haag

Michael is preparing for the big day at his parents in The Hague. After half an hour of shooting, I drive to Nicole where everyone is already busy preparing for the big day. The flowers are brought in and everyone makes sure they look their best for the wedding. Also, Kate Lynn has picked out a beautiful blue dress for this special wedding day of her parents.
Michael picks up Nicole and Kate Lynn, which results in a beautiful first look moment.

Wedding photos in Delft

The wedding ceremony will take place in the town hall of Delft, but before the ceremony starts I will go into the city centre of Delft with the three of them to make some cool wedding portraits. The little girl, of course, steals the show (as so often) and enjoys the photoshoot as much as her parents. The hard work is eventually rewarded with ice cream and it is time to leave for the town hall of Delft where the ceremony will take place.

Wedding ceremony in the town hall of Delft

The old town hall of Delft is a beautiful building that overlooks a large square with a beautiful church on the other side. The ceremony is beautiful, personal and a child certificate has even been drawn up for Kate Lynn so that she can also act as a witness during this official affair. After the official part, we drive to the Schaapskooi in Delft to celebrate the wedding at the wedding reception.

Upon arrival, Kate Lynn and her parents are pleasantly surprised. With the use of biodegradable confetti (dried vegetables) they are warmly welcomed by their guests. A delicious dinner followed and slowly the guests arrive for the party. It is a modest party because of course there are some limitations due to the Corona rules. All in all a wonderful day and a fantastic wedding in Delft.
Thanks for having me be part of your day Michael and Nicole!!

Companies involved in this wedding:

Enjoy Cakes

Bruidsboeket enzo

Face & Art

Weddinglocation in delft
De Schaapskooi

Scroll down to see a small selection of the photos that I delivered for this wedding

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