Wedding at Hortus Leiden and boat ride to Tante Kee

This wedding in Leiden was fantastic! A great wedding ceremony at the Orangery of Hortus Botanicus, wedding photos in the centre of Leiden, a boat ride to Kaag and a delicious dinner at Tante Kee.

Wedding at Hortus Leiden and boat ride to Tante Kee

Getting ready and first look in Leiden

I start my day at the groom, Hylke. On arrival there are already some people present who are preparing for this wedding in Leiden and Hylke also ensures that he is ready in time for the first look near their house. It promises to be a beautiful day. Despite Corona, you can still get married and this time there is no lockdown that creates trouble for these newlyweds.

After also capturing some good photos of the cat, I continue my journey to Emma, ​​who is preparing for the wedding at her mothers. Here too it is pleasantly busy and everyone is looking forward to the big day. Fortunately, Emma is right on time to see her soon-to-be-husband in all its glory during the first look moment.
Hylke is already waiting for her on the bridge when Emma arrives. In suspense, Emma approaches Hylke and finally there is the moment that they see each other for the first time in their wedding clothes.

Wedding photos in the centre of Leiden

After the first look, we take a short time to capture wedding photos in the centre of Leiden. We are even lucky enough to be able to enter the Hooglandse Church to capture some wedding portraits inside. A very unique location because, especially indoors, taking wedding photos is normally not possible there.

After a short walk through the city resulting in some great photos where it looks like Emma actually seems to be flying, we arrive at the orangery of Hortus Botanicus where the wedding ceremony will eventually take place.

Wedding ceremony at the Orangery of Hortus Botanicus in Leiden

The wedding ceremony takes place (with exception) outside. A short shower of rain just before the ceremony seems to be a minor problem, but after everyone briefly flees inside, the ceremony can start.

It is a ceremony with a beautiful view over the Hortus, but also one with a lot of emotion and of course a lot of love. After a resounding yes, Emma and Hylke are officially married and it's time to celebrate with a toast and cutting of the cake in the Orangery.

Boat ride to Kaag and wedding dinner at Tante Kee

After the reception, we all leave the Hortus by boat to Kaag. It is a long boat ride through the centre of Leiden, the polder north of Leiden and finally docking at restaurant Tante Kee where the wedding couple and their guests will enjoy a fully catered dinner.
During dinner, there are several moments when family and friends share kind words with the newlyweds and after a long evening, it is time to take the ferry to the bus that takes us all back to Leiden.

What a wonderful day it was. Great that I could be here, thank you Emma and Hylke!

Wedding suppliers involved in this wedding:

Wedding locatie: Oranjerie Hortus Botanicus Leiden
Bakkery: Soetenso
Flowers: De Mooij Warmond
Restaurant: Tante Kee
Make-up: Visagie by Leonie

Scroll down to see a small selection of the photos that I delivered for this wedding

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