An emotional wedding at the Oude Slot Heemstede

Inge and Douwe get married at the Oude Slot Heemstede, a fairytale wedding location near Haarlem. This wedding is during Corona, but that's no reason to be cranky. A great wedding with emotions, joy, love and a good party!

An emotional wedding at the Oude Slot Heemstede

Wedding preparations at the Oude Slot Heemstede

Haarlem is surrounded by smaller villages, one of them is Heemstede. Here you will find the Oude Slot Heemstede, a beautiful old castle that has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since the Middle Ages. Fortunately, it is now in excellent condition and a beautiful location to get married.

The entire wedding will take place at this beautiful wedding location. And because Inge and Douwe are both preparing for the wedding at the Oude Slot (but separately), I am walking back and forth a lot to photograph them both. Douwe gets a little too enthusiastic when I ask if it's okay if I jump in the shower with him to really be able to capture everything of the preparations. However, the disappointment sets in slightly when I tell him that I will keep my own clothes on. The shower photo is a success though and a little later I go to Inge who is also preparing herself just 100 meters away from Douwe.
She looks beautiful and her father, who sees her in her wedding dress for the first time after a beautiful first look moment, agrees wholeheartedly.

Wedding ceremony at the Oude Slot Heemstede

Inge and Douwe have decided not to see each other until the ceremony. After the emotional arrival of Douwe, who stops along the way to think about his father, who unfortunately could not be there, Inge arrives with her father. Douwe is amazed when he sees his bride to be arriving at the ceremony location.
A beautiful wedding ceremony follows in which the wedding vows are shared with many tears and laughter. After the kiss, with a big tear rolling down Inge's cheek, this couple is officially married and the celebration of love can begin.

Wedding reception and photoshoot at the Oude Slot

A fantastic guard of honor follows to festively accompany this wedding couple to the courtyard, where a toast is made and they will cut the cake. And after a few hours of congratulations and photographing family portraits, I take Inge and Douwe around the Oude Slot Heemstede to capture some wedding portraits of this amazing wedding couple.

When returning from the photo shoot, it is time for a delicious dinner in the open air. Of course, beautiful words are shared by friends and family and even a play is performed, which portrays the love story of Inge and Douwe in a fairy tale; 'snowsmite'.

After dinner it is time for the party, which is opened by Inge and Douwe themselves with a dance. Yet it does not stop at this rehearsed dance, because after an hour of partying everything turns quiet and Douwe is expected to sit on a chair in the middle of the dancefloor. Inge walks away from him, grinning and smiling, and several of Inge's friends gather around her who then all perform a super cool rehearsed dance for Douwe.
After throwing the wedding bouquet, it's time for me to leave and let the wedding couple party until the late hours.

Inge and Douwe, what a fantastic wedding this was! Thank you for allowing me to be here and tell the story of your wedding day!

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