Wedding day in the dunes

When a wedding day starts at a location this beautiful, you know you're in for a treat. This wedding couple lived in a beautiful remote area in Bloemendaal surrounded by dunes, so it only made sense to also shoot wedding portraits in this amazing area.

Wedding day in the dunes

Fabiènne and Robbert getting married in Bloemendaal

A wonderful start to the wedding day at this location, surrounded by dunes and with fantastic weather all day long. As a wedding photographer, I cannot wish for more. I'm also a huge fan of the sea and the dunes, so it is always great for me to be able to capture wedding portraits in this area.

The preparations

On Friday, August 30, 2019, I get into my car in the morning to capture the wedding of Fabiènne and Robbert. I set the address on my navigation and drive to Bloemendaal, their hometown. At one point the navigation sends me a small road that looks more like a cycling path than a regular road. To my surprise, I end up in a valley surrounded by dunes. There is a small collection of houses here and the navigation directs me to the last house with the most beautiful front garden I have ever seen. I park the car and walk in amazement towards the house and see Robbert drinking a cup of coffee in the garden in front of the house.
The preparations had already started, with a warm cup of coffee in the sun. A pretty nice way to start your wedding day and for me also a wonderfully relaxed setting to start this long but e exciting day. I always love the preparations, there is a kind of tension in the air that cannot be compared with anything else. Over time, more and more people arrive at the house and I capture all the small details that tell the story of this wedding day. The groom's mother ironing the groom's clothes, simple details such as their daughter's dress and of course dressing up and getting ready for this beautiful day.

First look and portraits

Sometimes a wedding couple chooses to keep the first look intimate and private, but that was not the case here. They chose to see each other 'for the first time' in front of all friends and family and that resulted in some surprised looks not only from the groom but also from everyone around him. After some nice words from their loved ones, it was time to leave for the dunes to capture some wedding portraits.
The classic Porsche 911 was fired up and we drove to the Oosterplas near Bloemendaal. During the shoot, it's not just the directed moments that I captured. I also like to capture the 'in-betweens', the more spontaneous moments that happen in between the more directed types of photos. I like to tell the complete story and those moments are an important part of it.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place in the small and intimate village church of Bloemendaal. A beautiful old church and the perfect location for the wedding of Fabiènne and Robbert. After a few more portraits near the church (I couldn't resist), they took a moment to themselves.Right before the ceremony, it is often common for the wedding couple to plan a short break so that they can relax until the moment of truth has finally arrived. I often leave the wedding couple alone here and focus on all the guests who come in and get ready for the ceremony. In this way, I can even show the moments that the wedding couple did not experience at all, while those simple small moments are sometimes just as valuable as the planned moments.
The ceremony was conducted by a close friend and although the real official part of the wedding ceremony was briefly taken over by the wedding official, everything went smoothly. Beautiful words were shared and even a song played by a loved one on the piano. With a baby as the ring bearer, the story was complete and the vows and wedding ceremony ended with a resounding "Yes!".
All guests gathered outside for a grand departe and after leaving the church with a cheering crowd and bubbles flying through the air, they got into their 911 and left for the next chapter of their wedding day.
The guests were well looked after. The next location where the reception and dinner would take place was in the middle of the dunes. Because of the remote location, the wedding couple had hired a true American school bus for the guests that took them to the next location. A very nice memory for all the guests who were present at this wedding.

Reception and Dinner

All guests were now on location and all we had to do was wait for Fabiènne and Robbert to return to Duinpaviljoen de Uitkijk for the reception and dinner. During these moments of the wedding, I always stay in the background to be able to capture all spontaneous events. Because the wedding couple is often occupied with talking to their guests, they are not able to experience everything that happens at their wedding. They are often surprised to see photos of moments that they never noticed.
After taking some portraits of the guests, it was time for dinner. As usual, all kinds of beautiful moments pass during dinner time. Speeches from the witnesses and friends are often a given, but of course, there is always an opportunity to raise a glass and make a toast. And that is also where I leave it at for the blog post. So grab your tablet, laptop or phone, crawl under your blanket and take a look at all the photos of this amazing wedding. A bit like these kids below did during dessert.

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