getting married in Haarlem during the lockdown

Despite the lockdown, you can still get married. Although it may not be possible to organize a big wedding party, that was no reason for Marin and Martin not to celebrate their love in early 2021.

getting married in Haarlem during the lockdown

First look at the Gravestenenbrug

A short day was planned, but a special day nonetheless. Getting married is always an important step in life, whether during a Corona crisis and a country in lockdown or not. And it's extra special because after the crisis there is another good reason to celebrate the wedding again with a huge party. Celebrating your marriage twice, that is rather unique, right?

Marin and Martin decided to see each other for the first time at the Gravestenenbrug, an old characteristic bridge that they often cross when they go shopping in Haarlem. I love the tension in the air during these First Look moments. It is the first moment when the wedding couple looks at each other and are thinking the same thing: We are getting married!

Wedding portraits in the centre of Haarlem

After the first look, we took a short walk in the centre of Haarlem to capture a series of beautiful wedding portraits. A small advantage of the lockdown is that a big city like Haarlem, which is normally pretty crowded, is now deserted. Because of this, we had all the time and space in the world to capture a series of beautiful wedding portraits.

Wedding ceremony in the Haarlem city hall

Although with a small group, it was a very beautiful and intimate ceremony in the Librije, the small hall of Haarlem's town hall. Family from afar who could not be in Haarlem because of Corona had the opportunity to join in via a direct live connection on the Ipad.
After a few nice words about Marin and Martin from the ceremony speaker, it was time to make it official. A promise by saying 'Yes, I do' and a kiss to seal the deal.

Portraits in the garden of the city hall

Many wedding couples would like a few quick portraits with family and friends. Somebody important was missing though, Marin's mom. She couldn't make it due to travel restrictions because of Corona. Fortunately, the iPad offered a solution and we managed to capture a beautiful (and also very funny) portrait.

Champagne on the main square in Haarlem

Who says you can't celebrate during Corona? Marin and Martin had come up with a smart solution, a simple toast at the big square in Haarlem. With more than enough space to keep 1.5 social distance, several friends had come over to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the marriage of Marin and Martin.

Thank you for allowing me to capture this short but beautiful wedding Marin and Martin!!

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