Sunny wedding day in and around Leiden

A sunny wedding day that takes place entirely in and around Leiden. Judith and Pascal get married this day at the beautiful wedding location De Meerhoeve. Read more about the story of their wedding with a photo shoot in Leiden, arrival by boat at the ceremony and a fantastic party with a band!

Sunny wedding day in and around Leiden

Preparations in Leiderdorp and Leiden

It is September 3rd, 2021, a sunny and warm day, but also the day Judith and Pascal have planned their wedding. After the wedding has been moved due to Corona, it is now finally time to celebrate love. There is nothing standing in the way of this wedding couple to get married today.

I start my day with Pascal where people are already busy preparing for the wedding. As is often the case with the groom, it doesn't take long before he is completely dressed, with the tie neatly around the neck and shoelaces tied. I quickly continue my journey towards Judith, who is getting ready with a much larger group.

The atmosphere at Judith is very relaxed. There are a lot of people who help with the preparations and because of good planning, there is even time to enjoy the weather with a snack and a drink. Little Puk also gets a beautiful dress and after a short first look moment with Judith's father, Pascal arrives to pick up his future bride.

First look and wedding portraits in Leiden

A beautiful first look moment allows the wedding couple to see each other for the first time that day. It's quite something to see each other for the first time, knowing that you can officially be called husband and wife that same evening.

We drive to Leiden to capture a series of cool wedding photos in the center of the city. Leiden is ideal for beautiful wedding portraits, especially with this beautiful weather. The Hooglandse church is of course always beautiful, but the city center with the canals, bridges, the Burcht of Leiden and of course Molen de Put are also ideal for capturing some photos. It is quite busy in the city, but we know where to find the quiet spots easily. Yet it is also nice for the wedding couple to receive all the congratulations from complete strangers.

Dinner, wedding ceremony and party at De Meerhoeve

The day continues at De Meerhoeve in Oude Ade, a beautiful wedding location that you would not expect in this landscape. We start with a drink on the terrace and after a nice group photo, everyone goes inside for dinner. The wedding ceremony takes place after dinner because Judith and Pascal thought it was much more fun if the party guests could also attend the ceremony.

Around the end of Dinner, guests slowly arrive and when everyone is ready, it is finally time for the wedding ceremony. The unique thing about this wedding location is that you can come to the ceremony on a beautiful boat. Pascal arrives by boat with the kids and after a loud applause Judith, follows with her father. The wedding ceremony, led by Dirk Zeelenberg is fantastic. Dirk is known for leading an energetic and humorous ceremony and I can't help to burst out laughing every now and then myself as well.

After the ceremony, it is time for a spectacular party with a great band. Fortunately, thanks to the decrease of rules around Corona, you can party as usual and of course, everyone is eagerly taking this opportunity.

Judith and Pascal, what a beautiful day it was!! Thanks for letting me be here!!

Vendors involved in this wedding:

Wedding location: De meerhoeve
Speaker: Dirk Zeelenberg
Flowers: Bloem & Lifestyle
Band: Xite Band

Scroll down to see a small selection of the photos that I delivered for this wedding

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