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Catering for your wedding

Have you thought about the catering of your wedding? Kadettjes Catering gives you a unique experience by combining good food with a stylish presentation. They bring their Kadett cars all over the country to cater for weddings and events.

Catering for your wedding

Good food for your wedding day

You are getting married !! ❤️ Congratulations !!

The wedding location, the wedding dress, wedding suit and wedding photographer are probably the first things that come to mind when you organize a wedding. But don't forget about the caterer for your wedding! Do you also have a particular dish or drink that reminds you of a special moment? That one cocktail that takes you back to the sunny holiday destination, or the birthday cake that your grandfather used to make for you, it could be the same with your wedding. Good food and drinks complement your wedding and make for some great memories.

What is your budget and what do you want to serve your guests on your wedding day? Do you make the choice to invite a number of "day" guests for which you pay for lunch and/or dinner separately, or is the choice difficult and do you invite everyone all day long?

The couple behind Kadettjes Catering

We, Floor and Jeremy got married in 2014. We too were faced with so many choices. In the end, we decided to plan the wedding ourselves as a "festival style" wedding in a cozy rural spot. We still get great compliments about the way we organized our wedding!

Last year we started "Kadettjes Catering", a catering company that is specialized in delivering delicious food in style. In the Dutch language, a 'Kadetje' is a type of bread, but fixing the old-timer 'Kadettjes' cars are also Jeremy's hobby. Floor has a background in the catering and events industry. By combining these ingredients (it's like cooking) the idea to start Kadettjes Catering was born.

Unique catering concept for weddings

Exclusive lunch (with 'Kadetjes' 😉), High teas, tapas, buffets or (walking) dinners, everything is possible. We provide a custom service and our beautiful Kadettjes cars (and ourselves of course) ensure a unique experience for all the guests at your wedding.

For wedding transport, we even offer the possibility to rent one of our oldtimer Opel Kadett cars with a driver!

The high tea wedding suits us the most. At one wedding, we were asked to provide catering for 70 people. There was no difference between day and evening guests and this wedding was at a location without electricity. This was a very nice challenge and we absolutely loved it!

Another nice tip; Consider your a customized drink. A specially designed beer or cocktail with your favorite ingredients. The best way to make small details on your wedding truly your own!

We wish you an amazing and unforgettable wedding day!

With kind regards,

Jeremy & Floor, Kadettjes Catering

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