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3 tips from a Wedding Planner

It is often thought that Wedding Planners are only for the "million dollar weddings" in America. Nothing is further from the truth. But what is the added value of a Wedding Planner? In this blogpost, wedding planner Isabelle will share 3 tips to get you started!

3 tips from a Wedding Planner

Suddenly he drops to 1 knee. OMG there he goes! It happens! The moment you dreamed of as a little girl. And then he pops that long awaited question, "Will you marry me?"


That same evening you have a quick look at your phone: "Wedding locations Netherlands", "wedding dresses" and you’re already completely absorbed in the journey to what will be your big day. But then suddenly a feeling of stress occurs, because there is still SOOOO much that has to be arranged! Where do you start? What do you have to think about?

Here are my THREE TIPS to get you started!

Wedding: what is most important to you?

Before you start with the guest list, the ingredients of the menu or the music during the party, it is crucial to consider what your ideal wedding will look like. If you let go of everything for a moment and don't take anyone into account, what will your beautiful day look like? What is central to you? That everyone is having a good time? A unique wedding location? Quick service and good wines? Make sure your focus is on your most important aspect and that your wedding budget is arranged accordingly. Because if you get this right, it means that the wedding is a success for you, no matter what!

Wedding Suppliers: who do you choose?

A wedding photographer, a videographer, a hair andmake-up artist, an officiant, a stylist, a florist to name but a few. Unlessyou choose to keep everything within your own circle, a minimum of 10 wedding suppliersare partly responsible for the success of your beautiful day. So it isessential to choose the right ones. But who do you choose as a weddingsupplier? And more importantly, how do you choose wedding suppliers?

For example, has a huge amount of wedding suppliers available, so definetly have a look! Do your research, orientate yourself and thenmake a selection of the wedding suppliers that you feel most comfortable with.Because, when you feel that perfect connection with your wedding photographer,for example, you will see it in your radiant faces in the photos. Having a goodfeeling when choosing wedding suppliers is so important, because it createstrust and that is crucial for the WOW-Factor!

Stress at your wedding? Not necessary!

What should we consider when choosing a wedding location? How do we make a good wedding script? Which wedding setup is best for the ceremony and for dinner? How do we organize our wedding budget and, more importantly, how do we ensure that we do not go over it? There are so many questions that come to mind when planning your wedding and there may be even more answers to all of those questions. All this can cause stress, but it doesn’t have to! Don't let the stress of planning get between you. Ultimately, it is about celebrating your love for each other and consciously being aware of that beautiful moment. As a Wedding Planner, this is the most important task: to let you enjoy!

The added value of a Wedding Planner? Apart from all the tips, the experience and the great wedding network, a Wedding Planner ensures that you can enjoy without stress!

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Photo Credits

I would also like to mention that all the photos in this blog were taken by Bart Rondeel. During two great shoot days, he made incredibly beautiful, professional and spontaneous photos for my company at three fantastic wedding locations: Orangerie Elswout, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, Kasteel de Haar.

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I hope I was able to give you some new insights that can help you plan your wedding. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or would like to receive some extra information.

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