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Stylingconcepts for weddings and events

Magdalena de Winter is a very proud owner of styling and decorating company Art Decor Love. She designs personalized styling concepts for weddings and events. Bridal couples who do not want a standard styling, but rather a unique tailor-made concept have come to a right place to meet with the person who understands what it means to have a dream wedding.
From Ceremony styling, through Reception and finishing with Party all concepts are tailored made to each couple needs, budget and dreams. Together with Art Decor Love you will look for the style that suits you most based on building a mood board and choosing a colour scheme. From bohemian, chic, green / sustainable, to sleek, rustic, minimalistic or mix of styles, Magdalena makes it happen for you.

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Wedding styling

As a Stylist, concept creator and florist she will work with you on all the details of your special day. She will start the process by interview meeting with you to get to know you, your dreams and wishes. Then she will take all this information away to start the process of concept creation and in couple of days your first draft of a mood board and full concept is ready to present back to you.
Together with Magdalena you go through the details and make the final selection of all the elements that will be part of your wedding styling. It can be as little as just a ceremony styling with beautiful backdrop, candles and flowers on the chairs or a full package of styling the whole day from the moment your guests arrive and see your personalized welcome board to the moment they leave your party and received a personalized “Thank You” gift from you that Magdalena can also help you design, source or arrange.

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Magdalena from Art Decor Love is a true styling specialist who can help you with the styling of your wedding.

Not only does she have great ideas and does she come up with original and beautiful concepts, but she also has a huge inventory of different styling options. With the great amount of styling concepts there is something for everyone and your wedding can really be styled exactly the way you want it for your wedding day.

And in addition, Magdalena herself is also super relaxed to work with. She thinks along with you and ensures that everything is taken care of. She will be present on location well in time to make everything in order and with her eye for detail she transforms every location into a dream environment that perfectly matches how you would like to experience the wedding.

Art Decor Love

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Wedding styling options

The sky is your limit, but Magdalena also understands that each couple has a very different budget allocated to decoration, flowers and styling. That’s why she is offering her bridal couples a choice of three different packages to suit heir financial needs.

Package #1 Relax and Do Nothing

This is an option for couples who wants Magdalen and her team of 1-2 assistant stylist (depends on the size of the wedding) to take care of all the details and full execution of the styling concept. You and your friends or family don’t have get involved as Art Decor Love team will take care of everything for you. You just have to turn up and have the best day of your life.

Package #2 Let's Do It Together

This is an option for couples whose family and friends want to help in the wedding preparation on the day itself. That means Magdalena still be present at the location of your wedding as a main stylist but she will get help from your guests to deliver the concept, instead of bringing her team. This way you are saving about 20-30% on working hours of assistant stylist and your family and friends feel very happy that they can be involve in your special day.

Package #3 Do It Yourself

When you choose this package it doesn’t mean you are totally on your own, don’t worry. Magdalena will still help you to design your personalized wedding styling and based on this plan you get access to her full rental inventory. This means you are only being charged for the rental items but not for the working hours of stylists and florist at the location. Magdalena and her team will deliver all the renal inventory at the location, packed in boxes with explanation labels. The boxes will be delivered at the door step of the location but from this point you have someone from your guest taking over and making sure that it is all set up accordingly to the plan at the wedding location.

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So as you see your world is your oyster and you can dream as big as you wish because you know there is a specialist that loves what she does that will take care of you and all the details along the way.

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