Julia & Daniele


Born on 26 September 1993 in Heemstede, the Netherlands
Went to Italy and brought back a man!
Loves corgis, wine, Italian food, watching movies and playing video games
Favorite color is pink



Born on 13 November 1989 in Catania, Sicily
Went to The Netherlands to follow the love
Loves corigis, beer and Netflix
Favorite color is blue


Our story

In 2016 we first laid eyes on each other while we were working on a campsite in Italy. It was a summer full of romances and getting to know each other. Our roads separated but we found each other again in 2016, on the same campsite in Italy. From that moment we were one.

After the season was finished, the decision was easily made to stay together. We stayed in Sicily the whole winter, and in the beginning of 2017, Julia went back to work on the campsite while Daniele stayed in Sicily. In August Julia decided to go back to Daniele and quit the job and went back to Sicily.

Back together after 5 months apart, Daniele proposed on the beach. There we decided to move to the Netherlands and start our future here.

Julia & Daniele

Wedding day program


If you are invited to the ceremony, we expect you at 15:30 at Slot Heemstede. The ceremony will start at 16:00. After the ceremony we will raise our glasses to the newly wed couple and the wedding cake will be served.

Ringvaartlaan 11
2103 XV Heemstede


For everyone who’s been invited to the ceremony, dinner will be served at 18:00. If you have any allergies, please let our master of ceremonies know.

Ringvaartlaan 11
2103 XV Heemstede


The party will start at 20:30. Here we will dance the night away and celebrate!
If you are invited to the party, please make sure to be there on time so you can welcome our newly wed couple.

Ringvaartlaan 11
2103 XV Heemstede

Julia & Daniele


Lo Deet

Master of ceremonies

The master of ceremonies

We asked Lo to be our master of ceremonies.

She will make sure that the day runs smoothly.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact her.


Julia & Daniele

Practical information


Our theme is 'Rose Gold' which means you may wear some gold or pink items/accessoires.

We would also appreciate it if you come dressed in tenue de ville or cocktail attire.

Please don't wear white. We are sure it will look very good on you, but on this day white is only for the bride and groom.

Pictures & Social media

Please leave your phone in your bag or pockets. Don't worry about whether enough pictures will be taken. There is a professional photographer walking around, and the pictures will be much prettier without everyone's phone on them :)

Also, don't post anything on social media until the bride and groom have done so themselves.

English? Yes, please!

The event will feature guests from the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and more. It is therefore appreciated if you speak English so that everyone feels welcome!


If you would like to make a speech, please consult with our master of ceremonies first. You can reach her on the following e-mail address: Ldetermann@live.nl


Are you invited to the dinner and do you have any allergies or dietary requirements? Please let us know through the RSVP form.

Invitation only

The wedding is on invitation only. This means you can't bring any guests with you.

Gift ideas

Our future

Assist us with everything that married life brings along - our future plans, the house, or perhaps our honeymoon - an envelope is always appreciated.

Are you coming?

The RSVP is only complete after personal confirmation.
Haven't received a confirmation? Get in touch with the master of ceremonies!

Julia & Daniele

Suppliers involved