Eva-Kristin & Marvin





Wedding Eva-Kristin and Marvin


Arrival and ceremony

Location: Slot Zeist in Zeist

We would like to invite the guests to arrive at 13:30 to the venue, so all guests can welcome the bride and groom when they arrive.
The wedding ceremony will start at 14:00.

Zinzendorflaan 1
3703 CE Zeist
The Netherlands


After the ceremony, you will have the opportunity to, accompanied by a drink, congratulate the newlyweds.


We will sit down for a dinner together in the spectacular mirror room of Slot Zeist.

Lounge evening

The evening will be concluded by a lounge evening. The bride and groom will leave the venue at midnight.

Wedding Eva-Kristin and Marvin


Tom-Fredrik de Ridder

Tom-Fredrik is our toastmaster.
He will be directing the evening during dinner service and will ensure speeches are planned between the courses. If you have any questions related to speeches, please reach out to Tom-Fredrik via MandEKswedding@gmail.com

Wedding Eva-Kristin and Marvin

Practical information

Wedding venue

The wedding will take place at Slot Zeist in Zeist, The Netherlands. For more information on Slot Zeist, please click the link below (only Dutch).


On the left (south-east) side of the wedding venue there is a parking lot with 300 parking spaces. This area also has multiple charging stations for electrical cars and is two minutes by foot from Slot Zeist. Additionally, there are two (paid) parking garages towards the city center of Zeist, on five minute walking distance.

Public transport:
For public transport planning in The Netherlands, please download the 9292 app. You can buy most tickets through the app with a small mark-up. You can also buy a public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) and check in and out when traveling, or buy separate tickets (train: yellow machines at the stations, bus: buy with the driver).For more information on the public transport chip card, please click the link below.

Click here for more info

Dietary requirements

If you have any allergies or other dietary requirements, please mention them in the RSVP. If you forgot to mention them in the RSVP, please contact the master of ceremony Sofieke Rimmelzwaan via MandEKswedding@gmail.com


If you are willing to address the newlyweds with a speech during dinner service, please reach out to the toastmaster Tom-Fredrik via MandEKswedding@gmail.com

We would like you to speech in your own language, however we do ask if you could please send an English translation to the toastmaster.


The dresscode for the wedding will be Cocktail. This dress code is a bridge between formal and elegant. In short this, for a man, implies a suit with neat shoes; no sneakers. And for a woman this implies a dress/long dress with neat shoes. We kindly ask you not to wear a white or red dress.

If you would like to wear your bunad, we highly encourage this.

For more information on the cocktail dresscode, please click on one of the following links.

Cocktail attire for men (click)

Cocktail attire for women (click)

Social media

A professional photographer will be present to take pictures during our wedding day. We would like to ask you not to take any pictures during the ceremony. During the rest of the day you are free to take pictures, but please refrain from posting them on social media.


We highly appreciate your attendance to our wedding, and consider that more important than a gift. If you however want to give us a present, we have the following wishes.

We have published a list of gifts at Christiania Glassmagasin. Please indicate on the website that you are buying any of the gifts listed there.

Link to list (click)

We would also be very happy with a contribution to a honeymoon that we intend to be having towards the end of the year.

Nederland: Een bijdrage voor onze huwelijksreis ontvangen we liever niet contant, maar graag op bankrekeningnummer NL44RABO0159228158 t.n.v. Marvin Dor.

Norge: Vi setter stor pris på et bidrag til vår bryllupsreise som vi gjerne mottar på kontonummer 9802 56 84494 (Navn: Eva-Kristin de Ridder).

Are you joining us?

The RSVP is only complete after personal confirmation.
Didn't get confirmation? Please contact Master of Ceremony Sofieke Rimmelzwaan via MandEKswedding@gmail.com

Wedding Eva-Kristin and Marvin

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