Crisis aid with images
Photography for businesses in trouble

A series of photos that shows your company as strong as never before, without obligation and without a decision deadline.
No cure, no pay!

What do I offer?

No cure, no pay!

my offer

A series of photos that shows your business and portraits it as a survivor of the current corona crisis.

no obligations

You decide whether the photos will ultimately used.
No cure = no pay.
You are in control!

no deadlines

Decide for yourself when you are ready to make the investment that will put your business back on the map.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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You share your wishes and I advise on the realization of these ideas. As soon as there is a clear picture of the work that needs to be done, I draw up a license agreement and quotation.


Capturing the images will be done as agreed in the preliminary phase. This session will take place at a logical time in order to capture the images as efficiently as possible.


After post processing of the material the photos will be made available in an online gallery where you can view the result. Finally the decision to use the photos is in your own hands.

A new start!

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Help for businesses who need it

This service is intended to help businesses in need because of the corona crisis. I am therefore making a moral appeal to those who want to take advantage of this offer that they can really use the aid because they are in need of help.

Work according to regulations

The current regulations and measures in response to the corona virus are adhered to at all times. An important point is that one should only leave the house if necessary and I will therefore comply with these regulations. This means that the actual photographing can only be done as soon as the regulations allow it, but also that my own judgment plays a role in this decision.

Forwarding assignments

Because the number of applications cannot be predicted, there is a possibility that I have to forward an assignment to a fellow photographer who has registered for this initiative via the Facebook group 'crisishulp in beeld'. All responsibilities that come with entering into the assignment, from that moment also lie directly with the photographer concerned.
It could be possible that there will be more than one other photographer interested in taking on the assignment. In this case it is possible form multiple photographer quotations will be send out to the client.

Quality and service

I guarantee the quality and service as described in my offer, workflow and portfolio. However, if a project has to be forwarded, the responsibility for quality and service lies with the photographer who accepts this assignment and I am no longer involved in the project in any way. I do make it a requirement for photographers who register in de Facebook group 'crisishulp in beeld' to also use the 'no cure, no pay' model.

Right to refuse a project

I reserve the right to refuse an assignment without reason. I do my utmost best, if I have to refuse an assignment, to refer it to a colleague who signed up to the Facebook group 'crisishulp in beeld'.

About me

Normally I am busy shooting weddings around this time, but I too have been hit hard by this crisis which has caused the work to come to a complete standstill.
Despite these huge setbacks, I decided to focus on the possibilities and try to discorver new opportunities. At the same time I like to be part of the solution that we all so badly need.
I have therefore decided to create a completely different approach and temporarily work for this specific service on a 'no cure, no pay' basis.

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Register as a photographer

Are you a photographer and do you also want to participate in this aid to help businesses?
Then sign up for the facebook group that I created especially for this aid. Here I will share all the assignments that I will have to hand over.
Some requirements that I set for registration:
- You are a photographer in the Netherlands
- You are registered with the Chamber of Commerce - You have a website and portfolio
- You agree to the conditions
- You use the no cure, no pay model

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