Wedding in the heart of Utrecht

A sunny day during this wedding in the centre of Utrecht. With a guard of honour from the police, a Star Wars Imperial March as wedding music and a wedding couple who are madly in love!

Wedding in the heart of Utrecht


First, a disclaimer because we are dealing with an exceptional situation in exceptional times. There are some pictures in this blog post where it seems like people don't adhere to the 1.5 rule. In some cases, this is an optical illusion thanks to the composition in the photo. There have been no violations of the rules and people you do see close together are in all cases part of the same household.

Wedding preparations at the Karel V hotel in Utrecht

When I arrive at the Karel V hotel in Utrecht, a lovely sun shines on my face, a great sign for the rest of the day. Annika and Andreas' weddings will be short because of Corona, in the center of Utrecht and with a relatively small group of people. An overnight stay in the Karel V hotel is extra relaxing because everything will take place in the vicinity of the center of Utrecht.
I knock on Annika's door and see that she is already busy with hair and make-up. A nice breakfast in the form of a large bowl of yoghurt is always a good way to start the wedding day. With the beautiful light that enters the hotel room of the Karel V hotel, we manage to capture some creative wedding preparation photos.

First look and walk to the town hall of Utrecht

Annika and Andres have decided to have their first look moments in the hotel. A beautiful long hallway doesn't really help to keep Andreas' nerves in check, because it takes an infinity before he can finally turn around and see his future wife.
We start our walk to the town hall of Utrecht where the wedding ceremony will take place. What the newlyweds do not know, however, is that they are picked up on the way by police on horseback. Andreas is an officer himself and his colleagues thought it was a good idea to form a guard of honor for the wedding couple directly in front of the town hall. Of course, Annika and Andreas did not see this coming, a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Wedding ceremony and toast in the heart of Utrecht

The guests are waiting inside and the wedding couple is ready to enter the room where the ceremony will take place. Much to my surprise, well-known music begins to play: The Imperial March from Star Wars! What a great way to personalize your wedding in this way, fantastic!!
The ceremony is beautiful; Sweet words are shared and a tear is shed here and there. After the ceremony, Annika and Andreas stay behind in the room for a while and there I see the happiness of this wedding couple in the most natural way; They are dancing together and celebrating their marriage without any music in the background.

A short reception in front of the town hall of Utrecht follows, where there is actually much less drinking going on than expected, but where a lot of joy and kind words are shared with each other.

Wedding portraits in the center of Utrecht

We close the day by capturing a number of creative wedding portraits in the center of Utrecht. I can feel the love between this couple and it can be clearly seen in these photos; intense happiness of a wedding couple who will be happy together for the rest of their lives.

Annika and Andreas, I wish you all the happiness in the world, thank you for letting me capture this day for you!

Scroll down to see a small selection of the photos that I delivered for this wedding

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