Wedding at Mereveld in Utrecht

Estelle and Marshelon's wedding at the beautiful Mereveld in Utrecht. A wedding location that radiates pure luxury in a quiet environment. And with Amelisweerd around the corner, which is an amazing location to take wedding photos.

Wedding at Mereveld in Utrecht

Wedding preparations in IJsselsteind and Maarssen

When I arrive in Maarssen, Marshelon and his two best friends are already busy getting ready for the big day. Everyone should be looking at their best today. Especially Marshelon, in his three-piece wedding suit, is looking as stylish as ever.

After a number of photos of the 3 men, I continue my journey to Maarssen, where Estelle is anxiously preparing for the big day at Mereveld. Several guests are already present, including their dog, friend, family and of course the son of Estelle and Marshelon. After Estelle has put on her clothing for the big day, there is a brief first look moment with her father, who gets to see her for the first time that day in her beautiful wedding dress.

Wedding ceremony at Mereveld

After a short trip to Mereveld where the wedding ceremony will take place, I prepare myself for what's coming. There is a lot planned in a short period of time; All the guests arrive, Marshelon also does a first look with his mother and of course all the traditional wedding moments are in the schedule.

The ceremony is beautiful; a lot of smiles, some tears and finally a kiss and the promise to be there for each other forever. Of course, the bride and groom receive their congrats and beautiful words are shared by family and friends.

Wedding photos at Amerlisweerd

After a short reception, we planned some time to take wedding photos at Amelisweerd in Utrecht. This beautiful park offers a lot of possibilities for super cool wedding photos. With dense forest and wide-open fields, there is something for everyone. And funny enough, the swimming children also provide for some unique wedding photos.

An awesome wedding party at Mereveld in Utrecht

And what better way to end such a day than with a big party? That is perfectly possible at Mereveld, where there is more than enough space for a large number of guests. The party opens with the first dance by the wedding couple, but soon the dance floor fills with people and the party can start. The traditional tossing of the wedding bouquet and even a strip act from Marshelon make the party complete. We end the photography on this day with a group photo on the dance floor and I go home knowing that this party will go on until deep in the night.

Estelle and Marshelon, thank you very much for your trust. I really enjoyed your beautiful day and I am grateful that I was allowed to capture this for you!

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